Seed production at KWS is a sector that works far in advance. When the agriculturist plants our sugarbeet seeds in his fields one doesn’t see just how much work, time and know-how KWS has already put into the product he is using.

Seed multiplication

With the multiplication of seeds, the actual seed production begins much earlier for the 120 employees currently at work – four years before the final sowing. Foresight is asked of our employees here: how high will they estimate the demand to be for seed from what breeds?

Quality Management

New methods, tests and technologies for quality improvement are being simultaneously developed in the Production Research and Quality Control departments.

Seed processing and logistics

The final stage is the preparation, coating (pilling) and packaging of the seeds before the logistics department ships them to our customers, the sugar factories and agriculturists.

Demanded qualifications

The complexity of this entire production process requires very diverse qualifications: from scientists who have received a degree or a doctorate to trained seed breeding employees, laboratory technicians or employees with agricultural and/or technical vocational training.