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KWS POTATO B.V. Polder Station

One year after construction, the headquarters of KWS POTATO B.V. is now located in the Polder Station in the Dutch Noordoostpolder. A unique area was built, with 96 ha of surrounding land. This complex combines research and development, production as well as sales activities. This Polder Station also provides additional space for demo fields and trials of all crops of the KWS group. Examples of this are corn, sugarbeet and cereals. However, the main focus of this facility are potatoes. Visitors are most welcome to experience at first hand our future KWS potato, corn and sugar beet varieties.

KWS Polder Station : Future inside!


Seeding the future since 1856

The globally rising demand for healthy and sustainable food puts the potato in the spotlight.

Our competitive edge in the potato value chain is based on global agility and innovative power.

Creating added value for the potato professional inspires us.