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Plant breeding: an indispensable process
Plant breeding: an indispensable process

Information about the R&D department

The KWS Polder Station in Nagele offers us a fully integrated location where R&D but also production and sales people are located in one spot in the middle of the trial and selection fields.

This facility, together with the conditions which are available in the Noordoostpolder, to be in the heart of the seed potato area, close to the NAK, offers all the requirements necessary to breed potato varieties in the optimum way.

We have a team of young and enthusiastic employees who focus on research, trialing and selection of potential new potato varieties.

KWS POTATO B.V. benefits from synergies with other crops present within KWS in basic research. Our breeding team makes use of state of the art biotechnology, which is available within the huge R&D laboratories of the KWS headquarters at Einbeck (Germany). In addition, our breeders are linked to various important R&D projects with third parties. In order to anticipate well in advance on existing and future market developments, a close collaboration between R&D and sales is crucial. To find suitable varieties for diverse growing conditions, our selection activities are performed under different climatic conditions. Anticipating on the needs of future markets is the key for our future success.

Every year around 100.000 new commercial seedlings (new potato varieties), besides pre-breeding programs, are produced. During the very early stages of development, potential new potato varieties are sent to national and international customers in more than 35 countries. Together with our customers, we trial the new potato varieties and look at a range of characteristics for quality and quantity. The seedlings with promising results are then multiplied and grown by a few selected Dutch growers in order to produce high grade material for introduction of the varieties on a larger scale.

Only the potato varieties with the best results & customer acceptance are valuable enough to take a position in the very focused commercial variety portfolio of KWS POTATO B.V.