Research & Development

KWS invests around 15 percent of its turnover into research and development each year. More than 1,000 people are employed in this sector - mainly at the site in Einbeck.

Know-how as a basis for success

Theknow-how of our employees has formed the foundation that has made our breeds and thus our entire company so successful for more than 150 years. The KWS breeders are supported during development by service units such as a chemical laboratory and the Phytopathology department. The statistical test evaluations as well as their interdepartmental administration and documentation are carried out with the help of specialized data processing software.

Biotechnology at KWS

More than 100 scientists and technical employees work in the field of biotechnology. They stand for scientific performance and innovation at the highest possible level – whether it concerns vegetable cell service, molecular genetic analyses or the use of genetic engineering methods.

Career opportunities

Alongside direct employment, in our R&D sectors we offer college graduates and postgraduates exciting opportunities through our trainee program and, especially in the breeding sector, within the framework of our “Breeders Academy”.